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Children’s Museum Visit… Finally!

It seems like every time I make plans with a girlfriend of mine to go to the Children’s Museum for a play date (and we have an awesome museum here) it snows! Not just snows, but ices, sleets, huge amounts of snow! So much so that we have to cancel our plans. Well, we thought that we were in the clear to go to the museum, there was no bad weather in the forecast for the entire week… so we planned to meet on Saturday. Well, guess what, it SNOWED! We were determined though… and switched the plans to Sunday instead.

I was a bit concerned about how Bekah would do at the museum. You see, this month is my month to teach Children’s Church (I teach every other month), and I don’t get done until ~12:30. After driving home and eating lunch, Bekah didn’t get down for her nap until almost 1:20pm! That girl needs a solid 2 hour nap, or she transforms into major cranky girl. Unfortunately, I had to get her up at 2:15 so that we could make it to the museum on time… in retrospect it might have been better to have her not nap because she was so tired, and cranky, and sensitive. Poor thing!

She did have a good time at the museum though, she always does when she gets to play with Norah (I’m really glad that the girls get along so well, I like her mom alot and it’s nice to have that Mommy time while the girls are playing). I think her favorite thing was riding Sandy, the mechanical horse… but it changes each time we go!

Bekah on Sandy

Bekah and Norah in the fun house
Bekah and Norah on the carousel

Playing with the “potato heads”


Paczki Day!!!!

Whooohoooo! It’s Paczki Day!

For those who do not live by, or have not grown up around a Polish community like I did, you might not understand just how important Paczki Day is. Wikipedia says that paczkis were traditionally made by the Polish to use up forbidden foods prior to lent… and when they emigrated to America the tradition was continued (thank God!). And now, paczkis have taken on monumental importance in Fat Tuesday celebrations! I grew up about an hour away from Detroit Michigan, and there Paczki Day (notice I don’t say Fat Tuesday… because it’s really all about the paczkis) seemed to be a holiday. And if it wasn’t an actual holiday, it should have been. There was a paczki parade, people lined up for hours to buy paczkis, and bakeries sold out with in hours of opening. Many paczkies were consumed, and I consumed alot! It was wonderful, fattening, gluttonous… and then we moved.

The first paczki day in our new state was so depressing… I had waited all year to have a paczki (or many paczkis), but no one here had heard of them! I called bakery after bakery, and no paczkis. It was tragic (okay, that is taking it a little far, but I was a bit saddened that I wouldn’t get my deep fat fried ball of dough and lard). After a few years, I almost forgot about Paczki Day, heck we didn’t even celebrate Fat Tuesday. But I would still get longings for them… then this year my Mom called and said she had something for us at her house… Could it be? If it was, where did it come from? My husband stopped by to see what she had, and called me in glee… She had gotten paczkis for us!


I am in paczki heaven.

Long live Paczki Day! (I wonder if there will be a parade next year?)

Attack of the Sickies

I’ve been sick this past week, well not just me but poor Bekah too. It started on Monday night (well technically it was Tuesday morning at 12:48am) when all of the sudden I heard the little one crying over the baby monitor. Yes, she is 3 and we still use the monitor. I think we will continue to use it until she moves out. We might have to hide it as she gets older though… Anyway, she was crying because she had gotten sick in her bed, and the floor… and as I was getting her to the bathroom, the hall, on me, the bathroom floor…YUCK! She was appalled! She rarely gets tummy sick and didn’t know what to do! Poor thing was sick all night. (by the end of the night, she was a pro at running to the potty to be sick – poor kiddo)

Of course we kept her home from daycare the next day, and I stayed home from work with her. She was feeling much better through out the day. So much better that when I called my boss to talk to him about a meeting we had scheduled, she was in the background laughing and carrying on… yeah I’m sure he believed she was really sick!

Anyway, that laid the groundwork for my tummy sickies… I ended up going home at noon on Thursday. I really debated going home, I mean who wants to leave work in the middle of the day, but in the end it was a good thing that I went! I stayed home on Friday also… ugh! So far it appears that Rick has escaped the tummy sickies. (lucky him)

I hate it when we are sick (not that anyone likes being sick)!

So now that we are over the tummy troubles, Bekah is starting to have a runny nose and cough. I swear, it never ends!

Dreaming of Running (or is that being a runner)

I’ve never been a runner. Well with the exception of a brief stint in junior high school where I thought I could be a runner. However since moving here I’ve been inundated with runners, see we are proud sponsors of the largest half-marathon in the country. Really, it’s some sort of strange addiction with these people. Everywhere you go there are runners. For seven years I’ve held out. I am NOT a runner, never wanted to be one… But then I started losing weight and wanted to prove to myself that I could, in fact, be one of those crazy runner people you see on the roads.

So far, I’ve run the Drumstick Dash (2.7mi), the Jingle Bell Run (3.1mi) and am training for a run in March (the Shamrock run… 4 miles). While I’ll never say that I love running, I want to do it because I want to continue to prove that I can! It’s not something that I find fun, it is in fact somewhat painful because I deal with some wicked shin splints. But I do it.

Who knows… maybe next year I’ll be running the mini…

Christmas in Michigan

I know this is late in posting, but I wanted to get some pics from Christmas up…

We went to Michigan to visit my Dad’s family for Christmas. I actually didn’t think we were going to be able to go, we had just gotten an ice storm a couple days before we were scheduled to leave and there was also a huge snow storm in Michigan that had left about 10 inches of snow! Wow! We hadn’t seen that much snow in a long time! But we decided to brave the ice and snow and head up for a great time with the family. It had actually been a year since we had been up to see them, so we were very excited to go. Also, it was all that Bekah had been talking about for a few weeks… how could we disappoint her (and everyone else for that matter).

It was so wonderful to see everyone and get to celebrate the Christmas holiday with family. Bekah had a great time, well of course she did… she was the center of attention and presents! I think the biggest hit for her was the doll stroller and board games she got that night. She also had a great time visiting, and wants to go back as soon as we can!

The cousins

Bekah and her new dolls

Bekah’s favorite “spin” dress

We only stayed the night, but that was a good thing because there was yet another horrible ice storm that followed us down the highway back home, in addition to the ice that was already on the highway. We stopped in Ft. Wayne on the way back, and there was a woman we had talked to who said she had been out of power for 5 days due to the ice, and with the next storm coming through was not anticipating having power for at least another few days! I am so glad we didn’t get hit that bad by the storm! Here are a couple pics of the ice coating the trees that I took from the truck on the way back home.

Epiphany – I am a WW addict

So i had an epiphany the other day, well it actually came up an smacked me in the face so to speak. It became painfully apparent to me that I spend way to much time focusing on my weight and what I eat when one evening, after dinner, my daughter (who is a very impressionable 3 1/2 year old) ran into the living room, grabbed a large book, placed it on her lap, and proceeded to pretend to “track her points” (i.e. Weight Watchers points)! At first I was amused, “Oh look at my little girl… she’s emulating mommy! How cute.” But then over the course of the next few weeks I noticed her wanting to step on the scale in my bathroom – alot (because she sees me do it every day… sometimes multiple times a day…), pretending to track points, making comments about the “fat girl” in gymnastics (nothing horrible, she just said “Look mommy, there is a fat girl in that class”, but nothing that I want her to say…), and I’m sitting here questioning what I am doing. I want to be healthy, lose weight, and who am I kidding… look hot in a swim suit, but what am I teaching my daughter? It’s time to re-evaluate what I am doing.

I’ve been thinking alot about the book I read by Valerie Frankel “Thin is the New Happy”. In it she talks about breaking free from her 30+ years of yo-yo dieting and learning to live healthy. Now, I don’t think that I yo-yo diet. I mean how could I, I’ve been doing WW for 1 1/2 years. But, I am so incredibly focused on what I eat, what I don’t eat, and how many points it is. Is that healthy? Well, I am thinking that it is not a very healthy way to live in the long run, to be so focused on how many points things are, my size, and my weight. If I am having that huge of an impact on my daughter at 3 1/2, what about when she is a preteen or teenager when young girls are so focused on body image, and the majority have low self images.

So, I am making a new commitment to myself and it is actually a challenge from my husband. Try to go one week with out tracking points or weighing myself. Make healthy food choices, live an active lifestyle (I work out almost 5x/week), and then reassess to see how I am doing. I’m in no way saying that WW is bad. I’ve learned so much about healthy eating, healthy cooking, and healthy living from them. I think it is an awesome program to teach those, like me, who had no idea where or how to start in their weight loss (excuse me… healthy living) journey, but I am wondering if, like Valerie, I can break free of the diet chains… we’ll see if the great experiment works!

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