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Shy Girl… Well Not Really

I tend to get really frustrated with Bekah sometimes, and yesterday was one of those days. We had planned all week to meet friends at the Children’s Museum because they were doing a performance of Sleeping Beauty. Bekah and I had talked about it all week and she was super excited… until we got there. The tickets for the show were sold out (bad planning on Mommy’s part), so we decided just to hang out and play – we were already there, the girls get along great, and we had a free afternoon so why not?

Well, let me tell you why not. As soon as we got to the area that the girls love to plan in… Bekah morphed into “shy girl”. She stood in the middle of the floor with her thumb in her mouth, not wanting to play. She wouldn’t move. No matter what. I finally got frustrated with her and told her that she had a choice to make: to go play, or to go home. Of course she chose to play… but wow, what a pain! I know that I sounded like such a mean mommy… but really she wasn’t doing it because she is shy, it was all an act! One that we’ve seen before, and have become incredibly tired of.

When will the amazing “Shy Girl” morph back into my daughter and end the act?


Let There be Light

So we have been living in semi darkness for some time now. You see, when we bought our house there was some really bad track style lighting in the living room. I’m sure you know the kind that we had, it’s the style where the light fixture actually plugs into the electrical wire. The wire was spliced into cheap dimmer switches (that kept falling apart), and then a plug ran from the dimmer to an outlet. All of this was stuck to the walls with double sided tape.

Really high class.

We had always planned to replace it, but when Rick deployed and we had Bekah, we just never got around to doing it. We got an unpleasant reminder that the lighting needed worked on when one day, as I was sitting in the living room, the dimmer switches started to buzz and ultimately went out. We limped along the best that we could (in semi darkness), but finally couldn’t take it anymore. After a trip to Lowe’s, we had lighting… but then had to install it. After a few discussions about the installation, none of which I could add anything of value (except that I didn’t care about the where or how to place the lights… I just wanted lighting), the decision was made to call in some help in the form of my Dad. The men consulted, doing the manly thing, while Bekah and I went shopping, doing the girlie thing, and then the men decided that they needed more lighting stuff.

So, off they went to Lowe’s. Two men alone in a DIY store… uhm, not the greatest idea. However, I have to hand it to them… they restrained themselves nicely and only bought what they needed.

Anyway, at the end of the day (and I mean the end of the day… it was a multi hour project that spanned lunch, Bekah’s nap, and dinner) we finally had new lighting. I never would have expected that it would take so long or be so difficult (or dirty). Evidently the men had to run wire from the basement to the living room, up a wall, and ended up hiding them in ceiling beams.

Wow! What a project… but now we have light.
Rick makiing a mess of the living room (dontcha just love the pink walls – they came with the house!)
Rick and Dad doing the “man thing” in the baserment
and the final (almost) product. Still need floors and paint, but a new roof is paramount!

Shamrock Run Part Deux

So, I’m back from the run.. well I’ve been back for a while, but we’ve had a busy afternoon (I’ll post about that later).

The run went okay, as okay as it could for not having trained as much as I needed to. I met my running group (Armando, Heather, and their daughter Savannah – being pushed in a jogging stroller) at work, and we all car pooled downtown. Good thing, because parking was horrendous! Anyway, we got there, got the stuff out of the van and headed down to monument circle. Since we had about 30 minutes before the race was to start, Heather and I decided to run into the bathroom. Well let me tell you, that was an adventure in and of itself. Worthy of a medal. There were only 2 bathrooms inside the race headquarters, and 6 port-a-lets outside (for those who don’t know, a port-a-let is what they call port-a-pots here… learn something new everyday). I honestly didn’t think that we would get to use the rest room before the race started… but thankfully we did (I’m not sure that I could have run for 4 miles if I hadn’t been able to pee first)!

The route was really nice. We started out from the circle, ran through downtown (which was great because I never really get to see downtown… there is alot down there), and then past the Lilly center. (We got to see the backside of my daughter’s daycare) We then headed down to fountain square, where the city officials were reported to have dyed a fountain green in celebration of the festival…. but I didn’t see it. After that we headed back up towards town.

The running… well it could have been better, if I had trained more for it! The first couple miles were okay… after all, that is all I’ve been running. About 2 1/4 into the run, we had to stop to fix the jogging stroller… thank God because I was getting really winded! And then it happened, right before the 3 mile mark I got a stitch in my side. That really sucked! But really, it’s what I get for not having prepared enough. Armando and Heather kept telling me that I should slow down and walk, but I wouldn’t hear about it. I was going to run to the end if it killed me… although I’m glad it didn’t!

So, the official time for the run was an 11:23 min mile, but Heather says I should take about 30 seconds off that time because we were stopped with the stroller. That would make the time under an 11 min mile. I could, but honestly I needed the stop so reducing the time would be cheating, in a way…

and besides knowing that, I have something to beat for next time.

The Shamrock Run

Well, I’ll be leaving soon for the Shamrock Run. It’s a 4 mile run through the city streets, in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

I’m nervous.

I’ve not been training as much as I should have been to prepare for the run. You see, I’ve been hurt, and have not been running the miles that I needed to to be ready for this.

But, it’s time to forge ahead!

I’ll be back to update later.

Dancing Ballerinas

Bekah loves to dance. Put some music on and that girl bogies down! No surprise, she has been in ballet for a year now and really loves it… or so we are told. You see, we would never know that she loves ballet. Every time there is a recital, she runs crying to me and won’t leave my lap/side/whatever she has attached herself to. (We call her “baby cling-on”… but I guess that is not appropriate anymore as she is not a baby but a preschooler. But then again, “preschooler cling-on doesn’t have the same ring….) However, the ballet teacher assures us that Bekah loves the class. That at each class she is smiling and laughing. Well I thought that we would forever have to take her word on it, because we never see it… until this past recital.

It started out as a typical dance recital does with Bekah. She walked in with her class, smiled and waved, started the stretching exercises, and then it happened.. in went the thumb, up went the guard hand, and out came the big tears. She streaked across the floor to me, and would not leave my side no matter what anyone said. Of course I was thinking “Great. Just great. Yet another wonderful recital. If this is going to be too much for her, maybe we shouldn’t do it anymore.” This was during the warm up exercises where the girls were dancing, hoping, sashaying (is that a word???) across the floor. But once they started to do the actual dance routine, Bekah wanted to join in. Before I knew it, she was all smiles!

Amazing! She was happy, I was happy, it was roses and sunshine all around, and best of all I finally got some pictures of my dancing ballerina!

Starting the “Momma’s Little Baby” dance

Preparing for free dancing

Waiting for her ribbon

Bekah and her teacher

I Hate Running… Or So I Thought

So I thought I hated running, see post below about running, until I went for my physical today and “stupidly” told my PCP about the shin splints that I’ve had for, I don’t know… since October! Well, we talked a bit about the running program that I do (program…. I just kind of make it up as I go!) and the other activity that I do, then he examined my shins. The good thing is that he doesn’t feel any knots on the bone (that would be bad….), but he is worried about how long they have lasted. He said phrases like “re-examine in early summer”, and “physical therapy”, and then said the dreaded “if they don’t resolve, then you’ll see an ortho who will put you in a walking boot for 6 weeks”!


A Walking Boot!!!!

For Shin Splints!!!!

Then he mentioned that I wouldn’t be able to exercise during that time, and would have to stop running. I honestly think I had a mini panic attack when I heard that! It’s funny how that things that pain me, I become unwilling to give up! It is seriously like an addiction. Now I know why my girlfriend went through so much to be able to run the Mini Marathon…. it gets into your blood.

I will not stop running…. I will overcome this…. I will run…. (Hi, my name is Brandie… and I have a running addiction)

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