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Crossing the Golden Gate!

I had a conference (or as I am now referring to at – a Mini Vacation) to go to for work. It was supposed to be in South San Francisco, but in actuality it was just outside of the airport in Melbrane. But, that was okay because the conference program was going to be a good one. Alot of downstream process development information, very relevant to my job… and to make it even better… Rick was going with me!

Well the conference organizers changes program at the last minute to consist mainly of upstream processing, not what I am interested in at all… so that meant the conference was not all that interesting (with the exception of “networking opportunities”), however the location and company definitely made up for it! The hotel we stayed in was right on the bay… you literally went out the door, walked ten feet and there was the water! It was awesome! Can I move there?

This was the view from right outside the hotel.

and what I looked like every the morning!

We spent a lot of time in a little town called Burlingame. There are a ton of cute shops (lots of shopping done there!) and great resturants. The culture in Claifornia is vastly dofferent than in Indiana… but I think we could get used to it… hum, maybe I need to look into a job there! Anyway, I was amazed at the nuber of people who commuted on bicycles. Everywhere we went, there were the cyclist! What a change from Indiana. What inmpressed me the most was watching them speed up a hill… and by hill, you know i mean small mountain, right? Rick and I got to experience that hjoy for ourselves one afternoon…

The conference organizers had scheduled Tuesday afternoon as free time, so Rick and I decided to head into the city to rent bikes with the plan to ride across the Golden Gate bridge. (Oh, and when I mean “head into the city… that’s by the BART system, and the the trolly. Total travel time = ~60min, not including waiting for the next trolly or train.) I pride myself on my cycling skills, I mean Rick and I have gone for 40 mile rides before and we both plan on completing a century ride this year, but I have to say that I was deffinitly “put in my place” out there> The hills were killers. Here Rick and I are, humping up hills, huffing a puffing, and then being passed by some guy in a bike jersey just flying! I guess it’s some consolation that there are almost no hills in central Indiana!

As hard, and humbling, as the ride was, it was incredible! We were total tourists… getting lost, standing around looking at the cartoony map that the bike shop gave us, getting help from the natives (I think they took pity on us…. how could they not… I mean we were riding bikes that had the logo “Blazing Saddles” on them and looking at a cartoon of a map!), and to top it all of we got awesome pictures from the bridge!
Here we are in front of the bridge… we then had to climb all the way up there… don’t we look happ? We had NO IDEA of what we were in for!

Touristing it up on the bridge!
and riding the ferry back to the city.

All in all, the conference left a bit to be desired but the vacation was amazing…

Now we won’t talk about the plane ride back… that was HORRIBLE!


Go Away Rain!

Okay, one final post for the night. It is raining here… not just raining, but serious rain, thunder and lighting. There was even some talk about “tornadic activity” by the weather men.


I never used too. I remember carefree days, listening to the thunder and rain as I lay in bed… but that was before we bought a house with “crazy tall, old trees” around them. We have already had a number of limbs for the “crazy tall, old trees” come down. One took out another tree of ours (not too bad though, it was a Mullberry tree… the birds ate the berries and I would have purple bird poop on the deck… good riddance tree!), another tree fell on it’sd own, and then there are the various brances that fall in a storm. I never realized just how nerve racking storms could be, until I owned a home.

So here I sit, in a house with half a roof, no gutters, and the trees threatening to fall in the storm….

I really wish it would stop….


It can stop now….

Okay so I Lied!

So I told you that I would be back the night of my last post to update you all on thing, but things have been super crazy around here. The Hubs decided, and rightly so, that we needed to replace the roof of our house (so that has been encompassing most of our time. Oh, and when I say our, I mean of course his time. My job is to entertain the Princess, – i.e. keep her out of the Hub’s hair, and to feed the manly men as they hang from the roof – two stories up). Now, we should have replaced the roof when there was a hail storm in 2006, but we used the insurance money to get out of debt… the roof wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t leaking (yet) and there were no holes in it…. so yeah, we could use the money to help up out and replace the roof at a later time.

Well, Guess what… now it’s that dreaded later time. Yep. We (of course I have already established that we is he and that my sole role in this endeavor is to keep Princess out of the Hub’s hair and make sure there is food and drink for the manly men – in the form of Gatorade and beer) are replacing the roof. We, as in the Hubs, decided that we could do it ourselves with the help of some friends and neighbors… but I guess that we, as in I, didn’t realized just how involved the replacement would be. Thus far, it has taken 2 whole weekends, and a number of weekdays…. and there is still the garage to do! But I have to say, what is done so far is awesome looking!

We are moving from plain brown three-tab shingles, to lovely gray dimensional ones. They a beautiful… and rated for high wind… which is a huge plus in this area! Once the roof is done, then we (as in a contractor this time) will be hanging gutters and then I “think” we will be done for a couple of months.

Although we are looking at replacing the siding, sliding glass door in the living room, patio… it never ends, does it?

I’ll post some pics of the roof in progress when I get them!

Holey Moley!

Holey Moley! It has been over a month since I blogged! How does that happen? I think I ijust got so busy with life that I didn’t think to updat everyone on what has been going on with that life 🙂 I plan on coming back and updating later tonight… but just to give you a teaser asto the happennings… we had ahuge Easter party at Bekah’s school, went to California, Rick and Dad are roofing the house, and I am sure there are many other things that I need to update (and add pics to).

I’ll be back tonight… I promise 🙂

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