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Four Years ago Yesterday

While I didn’t write about this yesterday, I most certianly didn’t forget it…

Four years ago, yesterday, my husband came home from Iraq. 

Four years ago, yesterday, he met his eight month old daughter for the second time.

Four years ago, yesterday, was the beginning of a long season of our lives… relearning, and re-adjusting to each other and our new family, and coming out on the other side.

Yesterday, we celebrated the fourth year of our new life together. One that is stronger then it was before he left.

I love you Rick. Welcome home… for the fourth time!


Bekah’s Bathroom "Make-up Counter" Make-over

When we bought our house five years ago, we knew that it needed updating. We also knew that it was something we were going to tackle one room at a time. We had grand plans… opening the kitchen up into the dining room, pulling up all the carpet and refinishing the hardwood floors, remodeling the two baths upstairs, opening the stairwell to the upstairs, basement… many, many plans. Like with many people however, life got in the way of our plans. Shortly after we moved in, I found out that I was pregnant with Bekah and Rick received orders to deploy. Well that effectively put our plans to remodel on hold, and here we now sit five years later still planning to remodel (but we are slowly chipping away at the list of what we want to do.

One thing that has been on the list for some time now is to do a make-over of the hall bathroom (Bekah’s bath). You see, that bath is what I would consider the worst style offender in the house. It is outdated and just plain U.G.L.Y. Poor Bekah has had to use that bath since she was born (well, since she graduated from the infant tub that is), and now that she is four it is more then time to do a make-over. Not a full gut and re-do, that will have to wait until a later date because of the extent of the remodel that will need to happen (we need to pull out the tub – and throw it away, replace subfloor, green board, etc). No, this is what I call a “make-up counter” make-over. You know the type of make-over… some paint, new accessories. Something to just pretty it up for a growing little girl.

I think, all in all we spent less then $100 on the make-over. I used a lot of what we had on hand (extra paints from other projects, left over flooring from Mom and Dad’s remodel – thanks guys!) and only had to by some replacement trim and some accessories!

This is what we had to work with. Yuck, I know.

I started out taping off and applying a coat of pink paint (Bekah’s most ever in the whole world, favorite color). Just a new coat of paint made a huge difference in how the room looked!

I had planned to stripe the walls with grey paint left over from my bathroom project, but realized that we had used it all up! Oops! So after looking at what paint we had left, I decided to mix a dark blue with cream colored paint to make a light blue color. That turned out pretty, so I used it to stripe the walls and paint the vanity. Rick put the flooring down and the trim, and I decorated! 

I bought these really sweat metal initials at Hobby Lobby, painted the flowers and dots on them, replaced the ribbon to hang them… and viola! (I also painted her existing outlet and light switch covers the same way). For the towel bar, I found this wooden coat holder and replaced the wood knobs with door pulls.

The shower curtain is a technique shamelessly stolen from a blog I read, and is a no sew application. It literally took me 5 minutes to get them up!

All in all, it was a very successful make-over… and made for a very happy (and very girlie four year old!

This isn’t going to end well, I thought… and it didn’t!

“This isn’t going to end well,” I thought to myself as I walked into the house last night.
You see, we are in the middle of redoing Bekah’s bathroom, and yesterday Rick was supposed to be putting up the trim. What I was commenting about in my heads was the blue air hose that was snaking its way from the garage, into the house, through the kitchen, up the stairs, and into Bekah’s bathroom. It was the air compressor hose that was attached to the pneumatic nail gun that Rick was using to put the trim up.
All was going well, for a while. I was down in the kitchen cooking dinner (a very yummy spaghetti and meatballs dinner, with homemade sauce and meatballs), Bekah was in the living room playing, and Rick was upstairs working on the trim.
Then it happened…  I head the pop, pop of the nail gun and then one final pop and the gun hit the floor. That was not the sound I was expecting to hear, so I went to the stairs and asked if everything was okay.
The response I got was, “Uh, no. I shot myself.”
After running upstairs and assessing the damage, it wasn’t as bad as it first sounded. Luckily the nail went through the fat part of his finger and missed all bone. Thank God! Of course he refused to go to the hospital for antibiotics and a tetanus shot (he’s a guy after all), so we’ll see how it goes as it heals up.

Busy, Busy, Busy

Wow! It’s been a super busy week! I think we had things going on each and every night this week. And to make it an even busier week, Rick was on the road from Monday through Thursday. While I love every moment of Mommy and daughter time… having that busy of a schedule this past week made for one tired Mommy (and it doesn’t help matters any with Bekah fighting off a cold).

So, here is the run down for the week (and then some)…

Last Saturday was the Unit Christmas party.

Sunday Bekah sang at church, all three services.
Monday was swim.
Tuesday, dress rehearsal for the church recital.
Wednesday was the recital (they were very cute, and sang GREAT!)

Thursday, Rick came home (large amounts of excitement ensued on the little one’s part), and the daycare had a holiday party.
(It was a great party. The kids had cupcake snacks and made ornaments!)

Friday, I pulled everything out of Bekah’s bathroom and started painting it (more on that in a later post).

Very exciting and busy, busy week. So after that busy week, there was one tired Mommy, and one tired Bekah (and a tired Daddy from all the work he did on the road). We declared it MOVIE AND PIZZA night!!!

I made home made mushroom pizza and garlic bread, and we watched a Dora movie with Bekah. After the kiddo was in bed, Rick and I watched the new Star Trek movie. Wow, that was a great movie! Very funny! I don’t think the producers ment it to be funny, but having grown up steeped in Star trek lore (thanks Mom and Dad)… I found the movie to be very humorous! Lots of fun little innuendos to the older shows. Loved it! Made me want to watch all the movies! 

But, instead we started in on our busy, busy weekend. (gymnastics for Bekah, shopping, more painting, some plumbing, decorating…)

I think that we need to take a look at our schedules… and plan more play time!

Knock, Knock and Other Jokes

So Bekah has discovered knock, knock jokes… and tells them all the time. Although she gets the punch line messed up 9 times out of 10.

A typical joke for her goes something like this:

“Knock, knock.”
“Who’s there?”
“Banana who?”
“Tree branch!”

Ensuing maniacal laughter from the four year old.

And then there is her favorite joke…

“Why did the chicken cross the road?”
“To get to the stop sign!”

(replace chicken and stop sign with whatever she sees on the ride home…. a rock, a camper, a bicyclist… anything!)

Every once in a while she does come  up with a gem though. This is her most recent one…

“Knock, knock.”
“Who’s there?”
“Who, who?”
“Is that an owl I hear?”

LOL! Too funny! I love my little ham!

Party Hard… Military Style (well, more like military kiddo style!)

Okay, I will be the first to admit it… I absolutely dread when this time of year rolls around. Not because of the insane crowds at the stores, or the ever present carols, cheesy holiday jokes, white elephant gifts… no, I actually love those. What I dread about the Holiday season is the obligatory “MILITARY PARTIES”

Bah, just kill me now. 

There are two that we are “required” to go to. The first being the Red Leg (which we got out of this year, so I won’t bore you with details of that party), and the second is the unit family party. 

There is no way to get out of that party. 
In the past, it’s been an unprecedented bore. All the wives standing around staring at each other, because we don’t really know anyone, and the kids running around like crazy while the soldiers chat with one another. 

This year started out like any other family day… kids bored and running crazy, wives not socializing because we don’t know anyone, the soldiers… well, they had classes to take. Which left their families with nothing to do for two whole hours! The kids were going crazy… and after making enough small talk to numb my mind, and watching yet another bored kid get into a shoving match, I had a brilliant idea (if I say so myself).

I organized a game of tag for the kids! They loved it and were running all over the armory! Shortly after the tag game started, the 4H lady showed up to do crafts with the kids. Crafts… Bekah was all over that! Anything with glue, glitter and scissors.. count her in! 

So the party started to turn around. The guys were released from their classes, the kids were having a good time, and we were just getting ready to eat when in drives a Humvee. 

What in the world! All I could see what something red in the passenger side of the truck. Then he got out and I got a good look…


Special delivery, by the military! The kids lost it! And Bekah, I have never seen her so excited! In the past, she has always shied away from Santa. Not this year! She ran right up and got in line to see him. She sat on his lap, told him what she wanted for Christmas, got her picture taken, and got her gifts (a pink bear, and a bag with a baby doll, clothes, and bottle in it). She loved Santa so much, that she tried to go back three times to give him hugs! 

Rick even got into the action… he got drafted into playing elf for Santa (aww, now how cute is that!).

All in all, it wasn’t that bad of a family day! (but don’t ever tell that I said that!)

Children are Mirrors

If you have ever wondered how you sound, what you say, what attitude you give off, take a good hard look at your children!

I was recently reminded of this lovely fact while sitting in line at Starbucks the other day. I had my Mom and daughter in the car with me, and we had decided to stop for a mid-afternoon pick me up. All was going fine, there were two other cars in line when we pulled up, so I thought it was going to be a quick buzz in and out.

I was wrong! We must have pulled into the SLOWEST STARBUCKS ON EARTH!

So we waited.

And waited.

After 5 minutes (and no, I am not kidding), I hear a voice pipe up from the back seat and say (very indignantly by the way)…

“Geez people, move!”

Oops! That was my darling daughter parroting back what she has heard me say in the car before. (I usually say that gem while driving behind extremely slow people on the highway) Evidently I say that phrase enough for her to have picked it up… beautiful.

(and by the way, we were in line at Starbucks for over 10 minutes… and yes, there were only 2 cars in front of us)

If that wasn’t proof enough that she has picked up some rather impatient phrases from me…

Yesterday I was zipping up her cardigan and was having a bit of trouble getting it zipped. (The fabric had folded over the zipper and was getting stuck.) My charming child said, full of impatience and indignanty “What a piece of JUNK!”

Uh, oops! Now I know she has heard me say that before when I am frustrated at things that aren’t working properly. To make it even worse, Rick asked her where she heard that from and she said, “Mommy!”

Thanks kiddo!

But I guess I deserved that. I mean, obviously I’ve not been watching what I say, my attitude, and how I am presenting myself. And now, my darling daughter has picked those things up. Not the things I had hoped she would learn from me.

So now, I need to change the reflection in the mirror (after a bit of laughter at what she was saying)!

Working on reflecting patience and grace back at me… we’ll see how it goes 😉

My darling mirror (don’t mind the pic quality – it was taken with my cell phone)


It feels like I am surrounded.

Surrounded by cancers. Cancers that are destroying friends and family.

I don’t know if I am just more aware of cancers now, with my participation with the Leukemia Lymphoma Society, or if there really is an huge increase in the numbers of people that have cancers. Of friends and family that have cancers.

I just lost my Uncle Carson today to cancer. Cancer that started in the colon, and spread to his brain.

I am losing my Grandmother to cancer. Cancer she has been battling for what seems like forever (at least 15 years). Cancer that started as breast cancer, was treated, came back, and has spread with vengeance. She was recently told that she has months…

I met a wonderful lady over the summer, through Team in Training, who is losing her sister to cancer.

A woman that is truly a blessing in my and my daughter’s life, who is teaching her to love Jesus through music, is battling breast cancer.

The daughter of a friend is struggling with liver cancer.

I am slowly losing my Mom to Chronic Lympocytic Leukemia.

I am surrounded… and I hate it. I want to battle the cancers away from my friends and family. Protect them so that they won’t have to struggle with it anymore, so no one will have to.

No one deserves this.

What I can do is PRAY.

Pray with out ceasing. Pray in earnest. Pray for healing. Pray for peace. Pray that no one has to succumb to cancers again.


Will you pray with me?

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