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Wordless Wednesday

(Wordless Wednesday is stolen from my friend Shelley)


Be-Bopping Music Lover

Bekah loves music.

It’s not really a surprise to Rick or I because whenever we are home, the radio is on. There is honestly nothing cuter (at least in my opinion – and you know parents aren’t biased) then hearing your four year old sing along to Casting Crowns, or Kutless… or any number of Christian songs that come on the radio.

The extent that Bekah loves music was made evident last weekend. I was cooking dinner and Bekah was coloring in the living room. After a while I realized that it was unusually quiet (and for Bekah, that is a BAD sign… quite = trouble). When I went to investigate, this is what I found!

(Don’t mind the pic quality… took it with my cell)

Rick had been ripping CD’s to the computer, and left it alone for a while. My music lover grabbed the headphones and began to be-bop to the music.

Gotta love her!

Married! (Again)

So after two months of not having a wedding band, (for those that aren’t aware… my car was broken into while I was at the gym and my wedding ring was stolen) being hit on by some unsavory (okay, and I’ll admit it… there were a couple good looking ones too) guys, my husband finally decided to replace my ring! 🙂

This is what he picked out.
Not bad! It’s not “my ring”, but then again I’ll never have that ring back. He did a good job with the replacement.

Thanks Love!

Snow Games!

Last week a snow storm struck central Indiana. I don’t know what it is about living here, but it seems like every time we get snow (which is rare… we usually get winter precipitation in the form of ICE) it starts either right before or during morning commute.

Seriously? Like these people need any help driving badly.

My darling husband decided that he would be the one to drive us that day (because a truck, not a four wheel drive truck, without weight in the back handles much better then a front wheel drive car does in the snow!). So, we all pile into the truck and head into work. It was just lightly snowing when we started out… but by the time we dropped off Bekah and headed into my work, snow flakes the size of quarters were falling!

Rick had planned to work the entire day. Adamant about it in fact. (even though we had proven the theory that these people here do not know how to drive in the snow) So, I thought that was the plan…

Then I received the call at 10:30. No hello, no asking if I was busy, nothing but the words “I’m coming to get you”.

OK. Guess we are not working all day!

So I packed up, and we headed to the day-care to get Bekah and then home. It took us 1.5 hrs to drive 30 min. Guess it was a good think we left early!

I found out later that if we had waited until after the snow stopped, the roads in Indianapolis would have at least been cleared! (of course that doesn’t mean the roads out where we live were cleared. They weren’t, by the way!)

Facing the Scale

Never in a million years would I have ever, ever thought that I would be writing about this in Blogosphere… but in the interest of complying with my New Years resolutions, here goes.

I stepped on the scale yesterday for an actual accounting of just how off track I’ve been, and was appalled at what I saw…


That is a 10 lb increase from the summer! I mean, I knew I was gaining a bit of weight because my clothes were fitting a bit differently, but really…. 10 pounds!

Now instead of having to lose 15 to hit goal, I need to re-lose the 10 that I have gained to be back were I was before the great expansion.

I am determined to do it. I saw a preview of the show “Confessions of a Reality Show Loser” on Discovery Health. It was the profile of Jonathan Ross, the winner of Biggest Loser. He had gained all his weight back. Statistically, 95% of those that lose weight, regain some, all, or more.

I don’t want to be a statistic.

I need to get real about what choices I am making and why. I am determined to get to goal, and stay there.

New Year, New Resolutions

Well it’s that time of year to make resolutions, and like most everybody else… I have a few of my own. Before we get into that, I thought that I would look at last years resolutions to see how I did…

Wait… I don’t think that I made any last year! Well, I guess that is good because no resolutions means that I didn’t have anything to be accountable for (hee hee)! That being said, I think there are a couple areas of my life that are in need of attention for 2010.

In no particular order, here they are!

  1. Train for and complete a half marathon. (I would love to run the 500 Festival Mini Marathon, but I’ll be busy during the training season… see number 2)
  2. Train for and complete the Tahoe Century Ride for Team in Training
  3. Finally lose the last 20 lbs that are stubbornly hanging on.
  4. Be accountable and track my food intake (via Weight Watchers tracker… I pay for it… so I better start using it!)
  5. Be a better financial steward. War are part way there… we finally finished a debt management program, and now need to tackle student loans and retirement savings.
  6. Be more loving to my family.
  7. Be happy with what I have, and try to realize that this life is not about getting more and more things… but about family, friends and faith.
  8. Become stronger in faith, and be model princess of God for Bekah.

That is a hefty list… but like all things, it’s not entirely in the achieving but the working towards the goal where true change is wrought. 

What change will I bring about?

The Best Thing About Christmas

So another Christmas has come and gone. It was a crazy, busy time. There was lots of shopping, Christmas light viewing, parties, and to top it all off… a trip to Michigan for Christmas day! 

Like most Christmas mornings with small children, there are presents, presents, and even more presents for them to open. (there was actually two different times that the presents were opened… the gifts that Rick and I took to Michigan for Bekah, and the gifts that the rest of the family had for her)

I honestly don’t think I’ve seen that many presents at one time, for one child… she got craft stuff, dolls, games, puzzles, more craft stuff, books…. too many things to really list.

After all the mayham of opening, my Aunt asked Bekah what the best part of Christmas was.

Her answer… Great Grandma!

Bekah loves Great Grandma very much, and we are blessed each day we get to spend with her.

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