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Janurary 2012

Janruary was a crazy month in the Pies household. 
Rebekah started Upwards basketball. This was the second league she had played in. She played in the fall with the Little Lady Dragons, through the school, and while she liked it, she didn’t really start to love the game until Upwards. (I think it may have had something to do with her coach and team. One of her good friends, Brenna, was on the team, and her Dad was the coach. Nick, the coach, was fantastic with the kids. Very patient, and a great teacher. She is looking forward to playing again!

Praying before the game begins

Waiting before the game.
Janurary also brought on the beginning of Girl Scout Cookie Sales, and I had the dubious honor of being the “cookie mom.” We picked up the cookies on a cold, rainy day… lugged them all into the house, and stood back to survey the new spacial restrictions put onto my house! I didn’t regain my dining room until March!
There were even boxes in the kitchen!
This was half of what was brought into the dining room that day!
We love to have friends over, and one of our favorite things to do is to play card or board games. Bekah and her friend Brenna had a fantastic time playing the game Bandu!

January was a fantastic month, full of fun, games, and friends! (and don’t forget the cookies!!!!)

After all that fun, relaxation was in order!


Upwards Basket Ball

Bekah started playing basket ball this fall. She started with the local school’s program, and while it was a good introduction into the world of team sports, I didn’t think it was really suited for her. For those that know my daughter, she is a very strong willed, short attention spanned gal. The poor high school girls that were acting as the coaches didn’t really know what to do with that combination. There were numerous times that, during practice, Rick or I would look over at the team, and they would all be doing bounce passes (or whatever other thing the high school coaches would be having the team do), and Bekah would be on the side of the court hopping over the lines, or playing with water bottles, or…. well whatever she wanted to do. And you know the kicker about the whole thing? The “coaches” let her do it! Many games, Bekah wouldn’t go in to play. No reason… she just didn’t want to play when it was her turn.

They do need some leeway though, she is headstrong, and they are high school kids…. they never stood a chance.

Fast forward to Upwards. Right away, it was a completely different experience. The coaches are older, have kids, know how to deal with them… so more experience. Her coaches are great. They are both very nurturing (which is good for Bekah), and one of them is her friends dad. So, he knows her, knows how she acts, and is incredibly good at redirecting her.

There have been 2 games for the Upwards season so far, and each game has been progressively better then the one before, in terms of performance for Bekah. While she still has not made a basket in the game, she is making lots in practice, and is defending really well during the game.

She is laughing and having a great time too! Priceless!

The other thing that I love about Upwards is it’s Christian teachings. The games are started with a prayer, there is a devotion at halftime, and after each practice there is a devotion.

Love that!

2012, Really???

Okay, so here I am at the start of a new year (okay, actually a couple weeks into the new year…. who’s counting) blissfully ignoring my blog 😉 when a good friend unintentionally dropped a guilt bomb on facebook by stating that she had started a blog. Oops… I have a blog too… but I have not even looked at, nor thought about, it in almost a year. Really. How did that happen? Life got in the way… so many things going on that I never took time to blog about it. Fantastic things like training and running 2 half marathons, spending almost every weekend camping over the summer, attending the first ever Cousinpalloza (cousin family reunion), and just in general loving life. There were also some not so great things that happened over the year… we lost my grandparents a little over a year apart, are in limbo over Rick’s deployment status, and have faced numerous challenges raising a headstrong daughter (who was just diagnosed with ADHD)… but we were very blessed to have the good out weigh the bad. And that is all anyone can ask for. So, this year I won’t make promises to keep up the blog…. goodness knows that I have not been able to do that in the past… but I will make a concerted effort to at least post once in a great while…. maybe 😉

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