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May 2012

Here in Indianapolis, the month of May is typically taken over by events surrounding the Indy car race. However, here at the Pies’ household, May has a different, and even more special, meaning… it is Rebekah’s birthday! 

May also saw us doing an number of activities besides her birthday. On the day of the Mini Marathon (the largest half marathon in the country, and the kick off of the 500 festival celebration for the Indy car race), I was not a participant this year, but instead went out to my favorite running park and logged a few miles there!

A few days later my favorite little girl in the entire world (okay, I am biased, but I’m allowed) turned seven!

How did that happen?

Anyway, we celebrated at home with her Grandparents (my Mom and Dad), and then had a bowling party! We invited our friends from Life Group, and everyone had a fantastic time!

  Loving her Daddy!

Such a BIG present!


Bowling party with Life group!

Very tired little girls! (Rebekah and her best friend Rylee)

Bekah received a gift card to the mall, which she (of course) spent on Legos! She is such a lego fan. She and Rick can play for hours with them. Such a great bonding experience!

Belt testing, practice.

May also saw Rebekah promoting up a belt level for karate. While this was ultimately the last belt she got, because she stopped after that session, the experience taught her a lot about control.


Mom’s church hosted a Mother’s Day tea, with crafts and entertainment. Part of the group that came in to do the entertainment was Bekah’s old pre-K teacher! Bekah was so excited to see her, and it was a wonderful show!

 One tradition we always do is to go camping over Memorial Weekend. This year, we went with some good friends! We had a fantastic time camping, and hiking!

Rebekah with Savannah and Victoria Irizarry

Rick and Rebekah with Armando and Savannah Irizarry
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