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June 2012

In June, Bekah and I got the opportunity to do a lot of fun things just her and I! (It was Annual Training for Rick, so he was gone for two weeks.)

A number of churches in the area put on a festival on Monument Circle, and after work I picked up Rebekah and we checked it out! They had singing, games, face painting, and carts…. and best of all, we met up with one of Bekah’s good friends from school!
Choosing her prize after playing a game.
Singing and dancing!
Cute little girl!
Not face painting, but arm painting
Bekah and Brenna

Bekah spent the summer at Baxter YMCA for their Summer Camp program. One of the great things Baxter does is have monthly pool parties! We had never gone to one before, because I am not a fan of the craziness that goes on during one. But this year, the Y promoted the pool parties very heavily during the summer camps, and Bekah was over the moon to go…. so we went! While the pool was teeming with people, and it was hard to find a space to set our stuff…. the chaos was not nearly as bad as I anticipated. And best of all, Bekah had a blast! We ended up going back for every pool party that Baxter Y hosted!

Soaking up the SUN!
Enjoying the dinner at the Y.
So incredibly glad we went!


  It was incredibly HOT in June!

Waiting in line for a ride!                                                                                                                              

When Rick got home from Annual Training, we packed up the car and headed to Holiday World! We had never been there before and Bekah was super excited! We took one of her best friends, Rylee, and the giles had so much fun! It was super hot, and crowded that day, so hot that some of the rides were not working because the computers were over heating! The girls did get to ride a few rides, but then we headed to the water park and spent the majority of the time there! It was a great day!

Incredibly tired little girls!
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