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I‘ve been thinking a lot recently about friendship, and friends in general. 

What does true friendship look like? 
As someone who does not have many close friends, for many different reasons (not allowing people close to me, trouble sharing feeling, incredibly busy, etc…..), the ones that I do have, I cherish. 
I know that everyone has different ideals of what a true friend is, but as I am teaching my daughter about friendship, I thought that it would be a good idea to write down what I value in a friend:
To me, a friend is:
Someone that you can be your true self with, and not be judged….
but, at the same time will tell you (with love) when you are being an ass.
Will forgive each other when they make mistakes.
Understands busy schedules, and that you may not be able to talk as often as you would like.
Will be there for you, even if you have not talked in weeks.
Lifts you up, not tear you down (to your face, or to others).
I’m sure, now that I look over the list, that there are many other things that I can put on the list…. common interests, location (maybe), etc…. but really, to me a friend is someone that loves you for you, mistakes and all. 
That type of friend, for me, is a rare find, and the type of friends I hope for my daughter finds too!

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