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Sick, Again

I have been struggling recently (okay, really it has been over the past few years) with a series of sinus infections. It’s to the point now that, when I get one, it inevitably ends up as pink eye as well (yuck)! I’ve been feeling pretty down about my most recent fight with what seems to be my ever present companion, the sinus infection, because I was struggling with it the day that we were supposed to go see Casting Crowns.

We were so excited to see them! Rick and I have seen them twice before, once at the state fairgrounds, and another time when we volunteered with World Vision. But this was the first time that we were taking Bekah to a concert, and she loves Casting Crowns.

922981_10200897935281297_626494302_n (A very excited Bekah, waiting for Casting Crowns after Dara Maclean sang – She loved her too!)

During the show, I got progressively worse, and we ended up having to leave during intermission because pink eye was beginning to set in (and for those who know pink eye…. getting out before I contaminated everyone at the concert was essential).

Bekah was such a sport about it though. I knew she was upset. She had been talking about this concert for months, and it was her reward for passing addition and subtraction math club.

2013-02-21 16.14.03

Even though she was sad about having to leave, Bekah has so much compassion. She said, “I just want you to feel better, Mommy.”

My heart melted….

The next day was Sunday, so I trucked myself off to the Minute Clinic for some antibiotics. Five days later the pink eye had completely resolved, or so I thought. I finished the course of antibiotics (amoxicillin), but still had sinus pressure/pain. Last night, I woke up again with pink eye.


I am so over this! So here I sit, contagious, waiting to go to the doctor to get on yet more antibiotics.

I was feeling pretty badly about it all this morning. Really wallowing in the whole “woe is me” thing.

Then, Rebekah came running into my room this morning, thrilled. She had no idea I was home and was able to get her on the bus. (Usually her Grandma does this for us so I can get to work early.)

She was so excited! It is hard to wallow is self pity when faced with a seven year old that is thrilled to see you!

While being sick is not my idea of an blessed day, it was because I got to see my lovely daughter this morning, and spend that extra time with her that I don’t usually get to.

There are blessings in every day, and every situation. It is up to us to recognize them for what they are, blessings in the storm (or in my case, the ever present sinus infection) of our challenges.

2013-05-01 07.58.03

My blessing. Thank you for helping me to see that today.

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