Anticipating Christmas

I love Christmas. I love everything about it. From the hustle and bustle of the stores, while finding the perfect gift for my loved ones, church Christmas pageants, driving around town looking at Christmas lights (drinking hot chocolate and snacking on popcorn), the candle light service at our church, baking cookies for Santa, putting out food for the Holy Family, and decorating the tree.


Christmas Tree 2013

Christmas is such a special time.

Magical really.

A time to rejoice because God’s plan for salvation will see it’s birth with the birth of our savior Jesus Christ.

A time of tradition. Religious tradition, and family tradition.

We have a number of Christmas traditions in our family, but they month seemed to get away from me, and some of them slipped by.

One family tradition, however, was not able to be passed on. Opening new Christmas pajamas when we get home from the candle light service. to be quite honest, I had not actually planned to get the pajamas this year. I was just too busy, and then it was 2 days before Christmas!

But Rick asked, and then Rebekah asked.

So, out I schlepped to the store to get new jammies. I had a hard time finding ones that were Christmas themed… being as close to Christmas as it was. But I did find ones that, while they may not be true Christmas themed, everyone loved.

Merry Christmas Eve, form our pajama clad family to yours!



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