Shooting the Bullseye

Rebekah has been interested in archery ever since she saw a pretty pink bow a Dick’s Sporting Goods a few years ago. She asked about the bow, begged for it, wanting us to get it for her off and on since then.

We said no. Not that we didn’t want to support her in the desire to learn archery, but that we thought it was no more than a passing phase. That she would grow out of it, forget about it.

But she didn’t.

After we realized that she had not lost interest, we took her to a local gun shop that had an indoor archery range to try it out. We wanted to see if she would really like it, once she shot a bow, and realized it takes focus, effort, and practice.

And she did. She loved it.

We ended up buying her a bow for Christmas. Blue. With blue arrows.


Rick and I refurbished my parents 1970 something compound bows, they are in fantastic shape, to be able to shoot with her at the range. And I think Rick has found his niche also!


Something they can do together. Something they both love.


I am in trouble!



2 thoughts on “Shooting the Bullseye

  1. carol January 14, 2014 at 9:28 am Reply

    yes you are but you will like shooting a bow also

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