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Shooting the Bullseye

Rebekah has been interested in archery ever since she saw a pretty pink bow a Dick’s Sporting Goods a few years ago. She asked about the bow, begged for it, wanting us to get it for her off and on since then.

We said no. Not that we didn’t want to support her in the desire to learn archery, but that we thought it was no more than a passing phase. That she would grow out of it, forget about it.

But she didn’t.

After we realized that she had not lost interest, we took her to a local gun shop that had an indoor archery range to try it out. We wanted to see if she would really like it, once she shot a bow, and realized it takes focus, effort, and practice.

And she did. She loved it.

We ended up buying her a bow for Christmas. Blue. With blue arrows.


Rick and I refurbished my parents 1970 something compound bows, they are in fantastic shape, to be able to shoot with her at the range. And I think Rick has found his niche also!


Something they can do together. Something they both love.


I am in trouble!



This man. I am so proud of him. Twenty years military service. So very proud of all he has accomplished in his career, and proud to support him in it.



I have a love hate relationship with my Christmas Tree.

I love it before Christmas. All stuffed with presents, and just waiting in anticipation.


See what I mean, just waiting for the big day!

After Christmas, I began to not really like it. It always seems so desolate now that Christmas is over , and the presents are gone.


See what I mean, desolate.

I always want to take the tree down as soon after Christmas as I could, and this year was able to enlist Rebekah to help. Thankfully, because it went so much quicker!


Snow Bound!


It’s here.

The snow that the weather forecasters have been predicting all week has finally arrived.

8-12 inches for central Indiana. With blizzard like conditions predicted for the afternoon.

If you know anything about people in central Indiana, you know we like to be prepared. And there was a lot of preparation for this storm….

Facebook friends reported multiple stores in the area had run out of milk, bread, produce, meat…. beer (hey, I said we like to be prepared!)

The snow was supposed to start last night, but the weather models changed the beginning of the snow fall to this morning. And now it is here.

Big, fluffy, beautiful, flakes of snow.

(I am anticipating a snow day for school tomorrow!)


Anticipating Christmas

I love Christmas. I love everything about it. From the hustle and bustle of the stores, while finding the perfect gift for my loved ones, church Christmas pageants, driving around town looking at Christmas lights (drinking hot chocolate and snacking on popcorn), the candle light service at our church, baking cookies for Santa, putting out food for the Holy Family, and decorating the tree.


Christmas Tree 2013

Christmas is such a special time.

Magical really.

A time to rejoice because God’s plan for salvation will see it’s birth with the birth of our savior Jesus Christ.

A time of tradition. Religious tradition, and family tradition.

We have a number of Christmas traditions in our family, but they month seemed to get away from me, and some of them slipped by.

One family tradition, however, was not able to be passed on. Opening new Christmas pajamas when we get home from the candle light service. to be quite honest, I had not actually planned to get the pajamas this year. I was just too busy, and then it was 2 days before Christmas!

But Rick asked, and then Rebekah asked.

So, out I schlepped to the store to get new jammies. I had a hard time finding ones that were Christmas themed… being as close to Christmas as it was. But I did find ones that, while they may not be true Christmas themed, everyone loved.

Merry Christmas Eve, form our pajama clad family to yours!




The weekend that i was baptized stands out in my memory fresh and bright. It was just yesterday, right. Really it was almost twelve years ago, but the memory is so vivid, tinged with emotion, that it remains bright in my mind.

I thought that nothing could be better.

Until I saw my daughter baptized.

I can’t even begin to tell you the feelings that were inside me.

Nothing can beat that.


Ready to be Baptized
Ready to be Baptized

Declaring her Faith.



Blessed. Welcome to God’s family.


Winter Dance Recital – Nutcracker


Every year, Rebekah’s dance studio has a winter recital, the Nutcracker Ballet. The first part of the show is a shortened version of The Nutcracker, and then the classes get to preform various tap, ballet, or jazz numbers in the latter half of the show.

When we picked up Rebekah after the show, she was glowing. I think she loved it 😉

However… before the pictures of my dancing princess, here are some others from the recital.

The show opened with a small skit by the youngest class. Aren’t the little 3 and 4 year olds adorable.


Rebekah was that young yesterday… right?

Then the ballet started. As I mentioned, it was an abbreviated version of the actual ballet, and took about an hour to complete. While it was abbreviated, the main parts of the ballet remained true.

The Winter Fairy


Dancing with the prince


The Sugar Plum Faries


And FINALLY, here is my dancing princess as a peppermint!


I was amazed to see just how well Rebekah did, and how much she improved from the fall recital. Not only did she improve, she was just glowing when I picked her up! She loved it, and asked when she could do it again!

After The Nutcracker the individual classes were able to showcase their disciplines. There was some hip hop, ballet, tap, and jazz. Rebekah’s class does a combination of ballet, tap and jazz, so or the recital they focused on tap, dancing to Santa on the Roof Top.

I am not sure what she liked better, the tap or the ballet!



My dancing ballerina.


When did she get so very mature.

Sick, Again

I have been struggling recently (okay, really it has been over the past few years) with a series of sinus infections. It’s to the point now that, when I get one, it inevitably ends up as pink eye as well (yuck)! I’ve been feeling pretty down about my most recent fight with what seems to be my ever present companion, the sinus infection, because I was struggling with it the day that we were supposed to go see Casting Crowns.

We were so excited to see them! Rick and I have seen them twice before, once at the state fairgrounds, and another time when we volunteered with World Vision. But this was the first time that we were taking Bekah to a concert, and she loves Casting Crowns.

922981_10200897935281297_626494302_n (A very excited Bekah, waiting for Casting Crowns after Dara Maclean sang – She loved her too!)

During the show, I got progressively worse, and we ended up having to leave during intermission because pink eye was beginning to set in (and for those who know pink eye…. getting out before I contaminated everyone at the concert was essential).

Bekah was such a sport about it though. I knew she was upset. She had been talking about this concert for months, and it was her reward for passing addition and subtraction math club.

2013-02-21 16.14.03

Even though she was sad about having to leave, Bekah has so much compassion. She said, “I just want you to feel better, Mommy.”

My heart melted….

The next day was Sunday, so I trucked myself off to the Minute Clinic for some antibiotics. Five days later the pink eye had completely resolved, or so I thought. I finished the course of antibiotics (amoxicillin), but still had sinus pressure/pain. Last night, I woke up again with pink eye.


I am so over this! So here I sit, contagious, waiting to go to the doctor to get on yet more antibiotics.

I was feeling pretty badly about it all this morning. Really wallowing in the whole “woe is me” thing.

Then, Rebekah came running into my room this morning, thrilled. She had no idea I was home and was able to get her on the bus. (Usually her Grandma does this for us so I can get to work early.)

She was so excited! It is hard to wallow is self pity when faced with a seven year old that is thrilled to see you!

While being sick is not my idea of an blessed day, it was because I got to see my lovely daughter this morning, and spend that extra time with her that I don’t usually get to.

There are blessings in every day, and every situation. It is up to us to recognize them for what they are, blessings in the storm (or in my case, the ever present sinus infection) of our challenges.

2013-05-01 07.58.03

My blessing. Thank you for helping me to see that today.

Speaking Before I Think (or is that thinking before I speak?)

I have been struggling with bitter feelings over the past year or so. Bitterness towards a situation that I felt wronged in. I let that bitterness dwell inside of me, taking root and festering.

Poisoning me.

Poisoning my thoughts.

Poisoning my actions.

I held fast to the thoughts that I was the wronged party. Never allowing that I had a role in the fallout. Never conceding that there was another view than the one I clung to.

Have you ever been there?

Looking back, I know that I have, many times.

Today, in my inbox, I received this newsletter from Proverbs 31 Ministries (one of my favorite women’s ministries) about how your words have the ability to create or destroy.  Now this is not ground breaking news. We all know that what we say, and how we say it, has a profound effect on the recipient, but today this spoke directly to my heart.

It made me re-evaluate the bitterness that I have allowed to fester in me.

What I saw when I did so was not pretty. I am ashamed to say that I used my words to destroy, not build up or lift up another.

I know we have all done that in the past, but God challenges us to not let discouraging words pass our lips, to lift up our brother in love.

But above all, God challenges us to show others grace. Grace that he gave us.

As hard as it is, and as wronged as I feel, grace means to let the festering bitterness go.


I‘ve been thinking a lot recently about friendship, and friends in general. 

What does true friendship look like? 
As someone who does not have many close friends, for many different reasons (not allowing people close to me, trouble sharing feeling, incredibly busy, etc…..), the ones that I do have, I cherish. 
I know that everyone has different ideals of what a true friend is, but as I am teaching my daughter about friendship, I thought that it would be a good idea to write down what I value in a friend:
To me, a friend is:
Someone that you can be your true self with, and not be judged….
but, at the same time will tell you (with love) when you are being an ass.
Will forgive each other when they make mistakes.
Understands busy schedules, and that you may not be able to talk as often as you would like.
Will be there for you, even if you have not talked in weeks.
Lifts you up, not tear you down (to your face, or to others).
I’m sure, now that I look over the list, that there are many other things that I can put on the list…. common interests, location (maybe), etc…. but really, to me a friend is someone that loves you for you, mistakes and all. 
That type of friend, for me, is a rare find, and the type of friends I hope for my daughter finds too!

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