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Welcome to my blog Grace for the Ordinary Life!

If you stumbled across this blog, then I want to welcome you to my crazy, love filled, amazing life. If you have been a long time follower of my blog, then I want to thank you for your continued support of my family, and know that I cherish each and every one of you and pray daily for you.

My name is Brandie, and I am a wife, mother, friend, employee, but above all I am a daughter of God and am wholly devoted to living my life to his glory, and daily amazed by his abundant grace in my life.

My husband and I have been married for almost fourteen years, and have been blessed with one beautiful daughter. She is a fantastic mix of girlhood wonder, drama and sass, and a mini adult all wrapped up in an eight year old body.

She was diagnosed with ADHD – Combined Type late in 2011 after two frustrating years of negative behavior reports from school, outbursts, hitting, defiance, and a number of attention seeking behaviors (she used to bark in class, stand on her chair, insert disruptive behavior here…. and she more than likely did it).

Thus began our immersion into the world of ADHD.

To say that I was dragged kicking and screaming into the world of ADHD is an understatement. I was one of those parents that did not, in any way shape or form, believe that ADHD was a disease. I was the one standing up saying that ADHD was nothing more than parents/educators excusing their lack of control of the children in their care.

God has an amazing capacity to teach humility, and show His grace in ways that one may never see coming. He has chosen to bless us with the shepherding of this amazing child, who challenges and engages us each and every day. Not only has she challenged how her father and I viewed raising children, but she has challenged us to redefine our relationship with each other, forcing us to bind together as a unit more than we ever have in the past.

I am humbled that He would choose us to teach this wonderful little girl about life and His grace.

Through our learning about what ADHD is, and how it impacts children and families, we discovered that her father also has ADHD. Dealing with adult ADHD has been a challenge on a whole different level! Teaching a child to manage their daily struggles related to ADHD is one thing, but to help retrain an adult to manage their ADHD is an entirely new challenge, but one that helps to shed light on the reasons behind many of the issues that we struggle with in our marriage.

To learn that, not only has God entrusted us with his precious daughter, but that he trusts me enough to be what my husband needs to help him draw closer to God is also humbling! This experience teaches me what grace is every day!

But, this blog is not about ADHD and its impact on our lives. While that is a big part of our lives, it is much, much more.

This blog is about living our life seeking the full glory of God! You will see daily activities such as sporting events, food, crafting, and fun. You will also see work/life balance issues; both the hubs and I work outside the home. He is 20 plus years military, and I work in animal health. But above all, you will see a family that strives to live every day with God as our focus.

Welcome to my crazy, fun filled, loving, life! I am so blessed that you have joined us for this journey!


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